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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程Unit 04 任务6

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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程UNIT 04 PLACING AN ORDER, Task 6,电话订购并沟通付款方式。

Unit 4- Task 6

第4单元 任务6

Jennifer Sato: Jennifer Sato speaking.

我是 Jennifer Sato。

Serge Duval: Hello, Jennifer, it's Serge Duval, from BGX Computers.

你好, Jennifer,我是BGX电脑公司的Serge Duval。

Jennifer Sato: Hello, Serge, how nice to hear from you again. How can I help?


Serge Duval: Well, you'll remember we spoke the other day about the price you could give me for 1,000 CM 25 hard drives.

你应该记得上次光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】谈过的1000个25厘米的硬盘驱动器的价格。

Jennifer Sato: Yes, of course.


Serge Duval: Well, we're ready to place the order now, but instead of 1,000 we now need 1,500 of them, and we need them really quite urgently.

光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】打算现在下单。但光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】要订1500个,而且急需。

Jennifer Sato: I see. I just need to check on the stock situation. Hold on... yes, that's no problem, we've got plenty in stock. We can dispatch them later this week and send them by air freight, so you should have them early next week.

好的,我先查查库存情况。请稍等...没问题,光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】有足够的库存。光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】这周就能空运发货。你们下星期就能收到货。

Serge Duval: Good. The other thing I wanted to discuss was the price. You said $89 a piece, didn't you?


Jennifer Sato: Yes, I did.


Serge Duval: But that was the price you gave me for 1,000.1 was hoping you could reduce it for 1,500.


Jennifer Sato: Well, I can offer you $88 each, provided the account is settled immediately by bank transfer rather than waiting for your monthly account to be paid.


Serge Duval: OK, that sounds reasonable. I can arrange that now. Does that include insurance and delivery by air freight?


Jennifer Sato: Oh yes, it's all included.


Serge Duval: Right. In that case, it's a firm order.


Jennifer Sato: Good. I'll send you an email now with confirmation of the details of the order and the amount to be transferred. And I'll make sure the order is dispatched as fast as possible.


Serge Duval: Thank you very much.


Jennifer Sato: OK. I'll confirm everything now. Thanks for calling. Bye.


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