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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程Unit 04 任务7

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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程UNIT 04 PLACING AN ORDER, Task 7,订购前确认产品的性能,并下单订购。

Unit 4- Task 7

第4单元 任务7

Alessandra Tauzia: Terracotta Italiana. Alessandra Tauzia speaking. Can I help you?

Italiana陶瓷公司,我是Alessandra Tauzia。有什么可以帮您?

Brigitte Schmidt: Oh, yes, hello Alessandra, it's Brigitte Schmidt calling from the Edelweiss Garden Centre in Zurich.

噢,你好,Alessandra。我是苏黎世的爱得维斯园艺中心的 Brigitte Schmidt。

Alessandra Tauzia: Hello. How are you?


Brigitte Schmidt: Fine, thanks. I'm phoning because I was just about to send an email with a repeat order for several terracotta pots, when I realised I needed to ask a question about one of the pots in your new catalogue before I go ahead and order it.


Alessandra Tauzia: Which one?


Brigitte Schmidt: It's the 75 cm pot on page 39, item number CC75. It wasn't in last year's catalogue, was it?


Alessandra Tauzia: No, it's part of a new range we've got in from a Venetian company. What do you want to know?

是的,这是光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】刚从一家威尼斯公司引进的新产品。你想问的是?

Brigitte Schmidt: Well, is it guaranteed frost-proof? You know how cold it can get here - it would be terrible if they cracked in frost.


Alessandra Tauzia: Hmm..., I don't know about that, actually. I'll have to contact the company and check that out for you. I'm not sure whether they guarantee their pots that size against frost. We haven't dealt with this company before, so I'll have to come back to you on that.

嗯...说实话这个我也不知道。我要打电话和生产商确认一下。我不确定这个尺寸的罐子是否防冻。光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】也是第一次和这家公司合作。我确认过之后给你回复吧。

Brigitte Schmidt: Well, I need to know before I order any. How long will it take to find out?


Alessandra Tauzia: I'm not quite sure, but I'll get back to you in a couple of days. Do you want to make the main order now?


Brigitte Schmidt: Yes.


Alessandra Tauzia: OK. Go ahead.


Brigitte Schmidt:Well... we'd like 100 25 cm pots, reference number AZ25,120 35 cm pots, reference number AZ35, 150 40 cm pots, reference number AZ40 and 175 50 cm pots, reference number AZ50.

嗯...光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】想要买100个25厘米的罐子,编号是AZ25;120个35厘米的,编号是AZ35;150个40厘米的,编号是AZ40以及175个50厘米的,编号是AZ50。

Alessandra Tauzia: Fine, I've got all that.


Brigitte Schmidt: They all sold very well last season, and we've already had enquiries from customers who want more.

这些型号上个季度都很畅销,光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】已经收到了更大订单的询盘。

Alessandra Tauzia: Great. Now this order will be dispatched on the 21st of March, and will be sent by road in the usual way. I'll be able to confirm a delivery date in a couple of days, when I get back to you about the large pots. How does that sound?

好,光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】将于3月21日派单,通过常规的陆路运输运送。等我给你那款更大型号的产品信息的时候也能告诉你确切的运输时间了,怎么样?

Brigitte Schmidt: Fine. Thanks very much.


Alessandra Tauzia: Thanks for the order, and I'll be in touch again by Thursday. Bye.


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