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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程Unit 05 任务5

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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程UNIT 05 BOOKINGS AND ARRANGEMENTS, Task 5,老客户致电预定航班和酒店,公司职员为其安排。

Unit 5 -Task 5

第5单元 任务5

Travel agent: Continental Express. Good afternoon. Tony speaking. How can I help you?


Joanna Page: Hello, it's Joanna Page. We spoke last week, and you were very helpful.

你好,我是 Joanna Page,光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】上个星期通过电话的,你上次可是帮了我大忙。

Travel agent: Oh, yes, Ms. Page, I remember. You wanted to find out about flights and hotels for your journey to Boston and Chicago. Right?


Joanna Page: That's it. Well, I've decided what I want to do now, and I'd like you to make some reservations for me, please.


Travel agent: Fine. Go ahead.


Joanna Page: Well, I want to leave New York on Monday July 26 and go to Boston first. Ideally I'd like a flight around noon - late morning or early afternoon would be fine.


Travel agent: Let me just have a look ... yes, there's a flight at 12.10 from Kennedy Airport to Boston. How does that sound?


Joanna Page: That's fine. What's the availability?


Travel agent: Oh, there are plenty of seats left on that one. Now, where do you want to stay in Boston?


Joanna Page: The Great Eastern Hotel in Boston. Could you book me in for two nights, July 26 and 27?


Travel agent: Sure. What sort of room do you want?


Joanna Page: Oh, a single room with a shower would be fine, I think.


Travel agent: OK. A single with shower for two nights, July 26 and 27...


Joanna Page: Yes, that's it. Then on Wednesday, July 28 I need to go to Chicago. Is there a morning flight?


Travel agent: Hold on a moment... yes, there's a flight leaving Boston at 10.30. How's that?


Joanna Page: Sounds fine. Can you book that for me?


Travel agent: Sure. Now when do you want to come back and where do you want to stay in Chicago?


Joanna Page: Well, I've got friends in Chicago who I'll stay with, which is good, as I don't know how long I need to be there. As long as my ticket is open for my return to New York, I can make the reservation from Chicago, can't I?


Travel agent: Yes, that's no problem. There are plenty of flights every day from Chicago back to New York. Is there anything else I can do for you now?


Joanna Page: No, that's it, as long as you email me all the details and confirmation of the reservations. That's all I need until you send me the tickets.


Travel agent: Sure. You'll be hearing soon. Thanks for making the reservations with us. Bye.

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