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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程Unit 05 任务6

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剑桥大学电话英语口语教程UNIT 05 BOOKINGS AND ARRANGEMENTS, Task 6,电话确定旅行形成及酒店安排。

Unit 05- Task 6

第5单元 任务6

Flavia Bellini: Good morning. Could I speak to Louis Gasquet, please?

早上好,请问 Louis Gasquet在吗?

Louis Gasquet: Speaking.


Flavia Bellini: Oh, good. Hello, Louis, it's Flavia Bellini. I'm calling so we can go through the details of your trip here next week.

哦,你好,Louis。我是 Flavia Bellini。我打电话来想谈谈您下周到这旅行的事宜。

Louis Gasquet: Fine. Is everything fixed?


Flavia Bellini: I think so. The hotel was booked some time ago, and we've now arranged all the meetings, so I just want to go over it all with you.

是的,早些时候已经把酒店订好了。光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】现在正在安排会面事宜,所以我要把过程都和说一遍。

Louis Gasquet: Yes, and I've got something to ask you.


Flavia Bellini: Fine, but shall we start at the beginning?

那光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】从头开始把?

Louis Gasquet: Sure.


Flavia Bellini: Well, you're coming next Tuesday, the 25th of October, on an Alitalia flight, aren't you?


Louis Gasquet: Yes, it's quite an early flight. It's AZ325 and it's scheduled to get in to Fiumicino Airport at 9.30.


Flavia Bellini: That's what I thought. I've arranged for a company car to collect you and bring you straight to our offices. The car will have the company name on it, and the driver will be waiting for you outside the main terminal. Just ring me or my secretary if there's a problem.

这也是我所想的问题。我已经安排好了公司的车直接把你接到光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】公司来。车身上印着光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】的公司名字,司机会把车停在出口等你。如果有问题就给我豁我的秘书打电话。

Louis Gasquet: That sounds fine. Which hotel am I in?


Flavia Bellini: We've booked you in to Hotel Locarno for two nights. It's where you stayed last time.

光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】在洛迦诺酒店帮你订了房间,时间是两天晚上。你上次也是住那。

Louis Gasquet: Oh, yes, I remember the Locarno. It's not far from Piazza del Popolo, is it?


Flavia Bellini: That's right. Anyway, when you arrive here, just ask for me at reception, and then I'll come and find you and we can make a start going through things together. I've arranged to have lunch at 1 o'clock, followed by a meeting with the Sales Director at 3 p.m.

没错。不管怎么样,你到了就和前台说找我。我会过来找你,然后光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】一起商议事情了。我已经安排好午餐了,时间是下午1点钟。吃过午饭后,光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】三点钟还有一场会议,销售总监也参会。

Louis Gasquet: That sounds good.


Flavia Bellini: There will be several key people at lunch with us, some of whom you've met before. And we've got a new American director who you'll meet then.

到时会有几个重要人物和光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】共进午餐,有几个你之前也见过。到时光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】新聘请的美籍总监也会来。

Louis Gasquet: Fine. I'll look forward to that.


Flavia Bellini: We'll then meet the Managing Director at 5.00, as I know you've got several things to discuss.

光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】5点钟去见见总经理,因为我知道你有些事需要和他商讨。

Louis Gasquet: Yes, that's important. Good.


Flavia Bellini: You'll stay at Hotel Locarno for two nights, but in fact on Wednesday the 26th we'll be out of Rome all day as that's the day I've arranged the visit to the main factory.

这两天晚上你就住洛迦诺酒店,但26号也就是周三一整天光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】可能都不会待在罗马,因为我安排了那天去参观主厂房。

Louis Gasquet: Oh, yes, it's quite near Orvieto, isn't it?


Flavia Bellini: Yes, it's about 100 kilometres north, on the way to Florence. It takes about an hour and a half by car. We'll spend all Wednesday there, then we'll come back to Rome for dinner on Wednesday evening.

是的,在北边大约100公里处,要去佛罗伦萨要经过那。坐车大概需要一个半小时。光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】周三白天一整天都会在那,然后光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】会回到罗马共进晚餐。

Louis Gasquet: And I know I've got a morning flight back here on the Thursday.


Flavia Bellini: Yes, and I'll make sure you'll be taken to the airport in good time for your flight.


Louis Gasquet: Well, that all sounds fine. I wanted to ask whether there's going to be any free time, as there's an exhibition I'd really like to see.


Flavia Bellini:Well, that may be difficult, unless you change your flight on Thursday to a later one, so you can go to the exhibition on Thursday morning.


Louis Gasquet:Yes, I'll look into that. Don't let's worry about it for the moment. Is that it for now?


Flavia Bellini:Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing you again next Tuesday. Have a good journey.


Louis Gasquet:Thanks. Bye.


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