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美文故事: 对待批评的态度 决定你是否能成功

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Unpolished Diamond


How a person reacts to criticism often means the difference between success and failure. Take the case of Ole Bull (1810~1880), the famous Norwegian violinist of the 19th century.


His practical father, a chemist, sent him to the University of Christiania to study for the ministry and forbade him to play his beloved violin.However, he soon flunked out and, fighting against his father, devoted all his time and energy to the violin. Unfortunately, though he had great ability, his teachers were relatively unskilled, so that by the time he was ready to start his concert tour he wasn't prepared.


In Italy a Milan newspaper critic wrote: "He is an untrained musician. If he be a diamond, he is certainly in the rough and unpolished."

意大利米兰的一家报纸的评论家写道:“他是一个未经训练的音乐家。如果他是一颗钻石的话,那他肯定还是粗糙的、未经打磨 的。”

There were two ways Ole Bull could have reacted to that criticism. He could have let it make him angry, or he could learn from it. Fortunately he chose the latter. He went to the newspaper office and asked to see the critic. The surprised editor introduced him. Ole spent the evening with the 70- year-old critic, asked about his faults, and asked for the older man's advice on how to correct them.


Then he canceled the rest of his tour, returned 光速时时彩 - 注册送28-88【xg333.com】, and spent the next six months studying under really able teachers. He practiced hours upon hours to overcome his faults. Finally, he returned to his concerts and, when only 26, became the sensation of Europe.


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